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Supporting our customers who are on Furlough.

Several of our customers have been furloughed due to COVID-19 and will remain so until recovery begins and business decisions are made for the future. We've seen some sectors such as the hospitality sector reduce their staff by 75-80% with pubs and restaurants closed until the social distancing reverts back. Furloughing staff is not an easy decision to make for any employer but if it's the option that is chosen, it can mean that talent is retained and ready to resume work when the business is ready to return back to full capacity.

We've been working closely with organisations and individual customers that have needed to be adaptable in the wake of this pandemic (whether they've been furloughed or not) and we've been delighted to help in any way we can. The following packages have been in high demand:-

Our #StandTogether package has been popular with businesses from a variety of sectors including IT, Education, Health, Charities, Fitness and Retail and also clients wanting to start a new venture. The one to one 2 hour session has helped our customers formulate a strategy of how to meet the demands of today, get clear on what they want to offer to their audience, work out the workforce needs to deliver this new approach and then focus on the putting it in to action. We're proud to say we've helped many businesses keep a float and retain their staff during this roller coaster time with #outplacement options discussed that we provide.

The CV Clinics have been delivered in high volumes via Skype / Zoom and we've been delighted to meet the take up rate of people on furlough who have decided that now's the time to get their documents updated. During the 30 minute session we discuss in detail the customers current CV document, the strengths that stand out and the areas that need to be focused on to help it catch the eye of prospective employer to get through the Applicant Tracking Systems. Our clients then have a helpful list of amendments to implement which enhances their CV and gives it the boost it needs.

We also offer 30 minute LinkedIn Clinics which have been equally popular as our customers are choosing to add to their profiles and make them more eye catching with a view to apply for new roles quickly when / if they arise.

Lastly, for those wanting career changing advice our Explore and Discover Careers service and Outplacement Support Services have ticked all the boxes for those who have chosen that now is the time to start a new career adventure.

Helping customers re-enter the workforce and employment when the time arises is key. We love working with each individual and each business to help boost their confidence, act as a sounding board and keep communication high.

If you're interested in one of these packages and would like to know more then email to book a clarity call.


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