Here are some comments from my clients over the last few months with their thoughts and views of working with me:-

"Thank you Katie for helping me achieve what I thought was impossible.  To have launched

my project which is now selling in the UK and Internationally is beyond what I imagined."

"I loved your CV drop in session and gained so much from my time with you - my confidence has risen considerably and I'm so grateful."

"Your assistance in helping us find our new recruit has been invaluable.  It all went so smoothly and he's settled in well with the role and the team.  Thank you so much."

"I enjoyed your speech at the conference and took on board your suggestions which I shared with a client who went on to win new business as a result!  You helped me and my clients so thank you very much."

"I had a power hour with Katie to boost my interview confidence.  I've suffered with nerves during presentations and in interviews all my life and was petrified at the thought of having to represent myself in a panel interview.  The good news is that in just one session with Katie, she gave me the tools and techniques to overcome these barriers to the point that I enjoyed the interview and secured a new position!  I honestly never thought it was possible.  Katie boosted my confidence and has helped me to develop life skills that will help me in the future."

"Katie is a total professional - she is detailed and thorough when taking a brief; enthusiastic yet pragmatic about timelines and process and above everything else delivers a recruitment service with charm and expertise. We are thrilled with our new employee who has now been with us for 3 months and is doing well".

"Thank you Katie for your support and valuable insight during our one to one coaching sessions. I definitely have that spring in my step once again and am now look forward to going into work every day. All of your good advice has stood me in good stead and I won't forget the tools and techniques you taught me to remind myself of why I'm doing what I'm doing and what's important'.

"Katie was hugely enthusiastic and reassuring as I was seeking help to prepare my LinkedIn profile and CV for new career opportunities.  I am so pleased with the final results of my new CV and am featuring regularly in search streams on LinkedIn plus suitable positions are being highlighted to me.  I highly recommend working with her!'

"I can’t believe how different my CV looks and feels from the original before my power hour with you. The art of it is that it still talks about the same experience but in a much more confident and impressive way. The amount of effort you’ve put into it is evident, and you have a very happy customer here."


"Katie’s strength was being able to find not just a great candidate to join us that matches the job specification, but the right person to match our firm’s culture".

'I'm feeling so inspired to try new things and not scared any more'.

"Thank you for finding me my new role.  I felt fully supported during the whole interview process by the additional information you had shared with me and I feel it's helped me settle in quicker to my new work environment".


"Katie was able to source an excellent candidate with the specific expertise and experience that we needed, and was able to do so faster and more effectively than other recruiters. She took the extra time to understand our firm along with the needs of the open position, and then found a strong pool of candidates. The result was that were able to hire an ideal candidate for a critical role within a few weeks".

"I found Katie to be very enthusiastic and positive throughout the 'Explore and Discover' sessions together. She obviously researched thoroughly all of the things we discussed and the action plan was very comprehensive. I felt well supported during the process and it got
me thinking about lots of different areas of my life, not just my career".

"Working with Katie from Meaningful Recruitment was fantastic.  She really took the time to understand the type of person we were looking for and what the role entailed.  She handled the entire process from posting the ad to completely handling the selection of candidates to interview and offer in such a professional manner.  Thank you".

"Thank you for all your support and help over the last few months - you've been a star. I'm so grateful and can't wait to start my new role !! ".

"Katie had a warm friendly approach throughout the recruitment process, from interview via FaceTime and in person through to giving hints and tips for the interview itself. Katie was very thorough in her campaign. Constant contact with Katie was appreciated throughout the recruitment process and afterwards wishing me luck before my first day and the phone call within my first week to check all was OK".

"I had a deep knowing of the job I wanted to do but I kept it buried and thought it wasn't possible - Katie uncovered this aspiration that I hadn't shared with anyone and has helped me make it a reality.  She uses her intuition and many skills to help make the 'impossible' feel achievable. The explore and discover package was a great experience and I feel really happy".

"I've really enjoyed working with you this year Katie! Thank you again for ALL of your help".

"Thank you so much for your time, help, enthusiasm and positivity Katie."

"Great to work with you.  You've taken the weight off my shoulders.  If only I'd met you a few years ago!"

"The CV Power Hour was fantastic!  Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement."

"I feel refreshed and uplifted after my sessions with you.  I don't wake up tired and lethargic now - just ready to start the day."

"I had forgotten until now that it's so important to invest time in myself and to stop and reassess more regularly.  The job that suited me a while ago really doesn't work for me now and you've helped me work out what does."