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Explore a work life with a positive social impact that you believe in.


You’ve come to the right place if you want to connect with someone with 20 years of experience in HR, Consultancy and Recruitment.

My career history in HR for a blue chip retailer, professional services firms and other companies has given me insight into the changing face of recruitment and the shifting needs and wishes of employers. Coupled with a degree in Social Psychology, which allows me to understand and empathise with all of our professional and personal needs, my experience has enabled me to home in on what’s important to us in our working lives.

I founded Meaningful Recruitment 8 years ago, when I realised my own work balance had changed.


No longer was I helping people, which is my main passion and motivation, but instead was focused on budgets, numbers and bottom line. Meaningful Recruitment was born precisely out of the need to rediscover my meaning and purpose. It has inspired me to help many people make a positive contribution in their professional life - to be true to  themselves, to have a social and environmental impact and to harness their dreams and aspirations. It allows me to share the balance, focus and meaning I found with others who need to rediscover self-belief, purpose and trust in their inner voice.

I specialise in helping my clients find roles that have a purpose along with economic rewards. 


My clients come from many different professional backgrounds and are at different stages in their work life. A graduate who has spent nearly 20 years in full-time education can be as adrift and disconnected as an executive who’s spent the same 20 years career building.

I show my customers the benefits of stepping out of their comfort zone and the rewards that come from tapping in to their courage.  My clients discover what it's like to combine something they feel passionately when they step out of their comfort zone, it always leads to huge personal growth and a deeper sense of meaning.  I'm showing the benefits of this by taking action to tackle ocean plastic pollution as a crew member and ambassador on the eXXpedition Round The World Voyage to Fiji. You can find out

more here.

Want to know more about me?  Click here to connect on LinkedIn.  Drop me an email via the contact form below. Join my Facebook page for Meaningful Recruitment here .

I'm here to help and look forward to hearing from you.


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