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Recruitment Campaigns & Clients

If you are an organisation making a positive impact in this world and you're looking for new employees to join your team book a call and get in touch.  We run contingency search recruitment campaigns and also retained (advertising) search campaigns of all sizes. 
I'm an expert at running recruitment campaigns and have many years of experience of finding the right talent to join employers.  This has been in some instances for just one role and in others I have sourced a team of over 20 people.  I have successfully completed retained advertising campaigns and contingency searches and would be delighted to discuss your recruitment needs and help you find your new members of staff.  Please do connect using the form below.
I work with many inspiring organisations, charities and employers locally and nationally that help people grow individually and contribute to making a positive difference.

These meaningful employers provide their staff with a working environment that helps them flourish, plus a team atmosphere that gives a sense of belonging. There is nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by like minded people where you are fully involved in working towards a goal and a worthwhile purpose. 

Here are a few of the organisations I have great pleasure working with.  Click on the logos for more information.


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Explore a work life with a positive social impact that you believe in.

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