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Episode 6 : 'Ladies that are making a difference!' with Karen Dobres

The podcast with Katie Redfern interviewing Karen Dobres is available to be downloaded. It's inspiring, full of fascinating information and wise words on the hot topic of the #genderpaygap in football.

Karen is the Co Director of Lewes FC. When she joined the club it had started the exciting journey of becoming the first football club in the world to pay their female and male players the same. This club has made the 'impossible, possible' and ensured equality and parity within their football club and on the playing field. Karen shares her story of when she joined the club, the positive impact their equality campaign is having on the players and supporters plus much more including the benefits of being a 'supporter owned' FC.

There's hope for the future when you hear the changes that Lewes FC have implemented and the great ideas that Karen and her colleagues have thought of to bridge the gaps on and off the pitch. Share the information with your network and enjoy listening to Karen's wise words.

Enjoy this last episode in the series of 'Ladies that are making a difference!' Karen is definitely a lady that has made a difference to many along with all the female players at the club.

Click here to listen to the 46 minute podcast or go to

Huge thanks go to Karen Dobres from Lewes FC for taking part in this final episode of this podcast series with Katie Redfern.

For more information go to :


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