Tips to get your career back on track again.

In this video I share 3 quick wins that you can do straight away to help you get your work life back on track. These simple to implement concepts are a good place to start. If you need more support and feel one to one attention is what you need then message me directly: or click here to book a free discovery call

New Meaningful Podcast Series with Amy Hanson - Episode 1

Listen to Episode 1 of the new podcast series called 'Ladies that are making a difference'. Amy Hanson is our first guest to speak to Katie about setting up the Small Steps Charity 10 years ago. Amy is definitely making a difference to our world with the Small Steps Charity supporting children and families who are surviving off rubbish dumps around the world. Her wise words and stories were so moving and she shares information about the celebrity shoe auction (see below photos of Katy Perry's white shoes, Annie Lennox's pink boots) plus a message for our school age listeners. Click here to download the podcast and enjoy the 40 minutes of inspiration. For more information about the charit

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