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Episode 4 : 'Ladies that are making a difference!' with Emily Penn

The podcast with Emily Penn is now available to be downloaded. It's fascinating, informative, inspiring and mind blowing.

Emily is the Co-Founder of eXXpedition, she's also an ocean advocate and has dedicated 11 years to studying environmental challenges affecting our planet. eXXpedition is a company which organises all-women sailing voyages around the world focusing on plastics and toxics in our oceans.

In this podcast, Emily shares her stories of her adventures on Earthrace, her time on the eXXpedition voyages with the all female crew and what she's learned about plastic pollution. Download the podcast to hear her talk about the 5 garbage gyres in our oceans and what it feels like to sail in to these areas plus also you'll hear her endearing message for school age listeners.

Our thanks go to Emily Penn from eXXpedition for taking part in this podcast series.

For more information go to :

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