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Episode 2 : 'Ladies that are making a difference!' with Camilla Gooden

Here's Episode 2 of the new podcast series called 'Ladies that are making a difference'. Camilla Gooden is our second guest of the series and she speaks to Katie about Co-Founding the SUDC UK Charity.

Camilla shares her story of how she came to start the charity plus much more. She's one of the most resilient and tenacious people I have met and is a beacon of light for families in need that are affected by a sudden and unexplained death of a child. The charity is doing great work funding research and raising awareness enabling us to better understand these tragedies in order to predict and prevent them in the future.

Click here to download this 20 minute podcast .

For more information go to:

Our thanks go to Camilla and the SUDC UK Charity for taking part in this podcast series.

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