Imagine getting clarity on what is needed in your LinkedIn profile and learning how to get your messages over well so your career journey reflects your achievements and personality.


I wanted to make my LinkedIn Self Study accessible so you can study it at your own pace. You can now download this to keep as a self study course for a fraction of the price of a one to one session. ​


Who is this course for?

  • If you are daunted about where to start with LinkedIn and don't know the crucial messages or information to include.

  • If you want to feel confident to connect with contacts and be open to networking and are in need of a help.

  • If you are sick and tired of seeing everyone else with 500+ contacts and you're just not getting many invitations to connect. 

  • If you are wondering whether to have a one to one session or hire a coach but not sure what investment to take next and don’t want to spend lots.   

  • If you are keen to get found in job searches and 2018 is your year to find a new job.


Most people cobble together their profile in a few minutes and never touch it again - this is such a wasted opportunity!  With over 500 million members on LinkedIn it is fast becoming the worlds professional social network and without the doubt the place that future employers go to find new employees.  This site is a powerful arena for you to showcase your career and expertise, build your network and find new career opportunities.  

Once you get your profile really clear you'll harness the true power of LinkedIn and it will enhance and help your career journey.  Your confidence will grow and you'll wonder why you didn't do this a while ago.  

“I am LOVING this LinkedIn Course.  I've been avoiding joining LinkedIn and relying just on a CV to progress my career - what a mistake!  Discovering the key points to include in my profile and to make use of all the sections has opened my eyes up.  I'm connecting with people I thought I'd never hear from again.”

​— from Laura, Medical Sector Background

If this sounds familiar to you, The LinkedIn Self Study Course is for you!

LinkedIn Self Study Course