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 Find your path to a work life with positive impact.


I'm a career adviser, recruitment consultant & coach. I use my years of experience, training & intuition to provide a unique modern consultancy service that empowers working professionals looking to make a positive impact in the work place. I connect these talented people with companies, organisations & charities that need their skills, passion & energy.

I specialise in helping my clients find jobs that have a purpose & economic rewards. My customers come from different work backgrounds & different stages in their work life (just left education - return to work mums - escape the city).

When I was 14 someone asked me

‘what I want to do in life.’ I honestly had no idea but I did know one thing and I answered

‘I just want to be happy’. 

Little did I know that this answer would keep me centred and focused whenever I made a decision throughout my studies and during my 20 year career so far.  I consider myself lucky to have tuned in to this so young. It lead me to studying and qualifying in a degree in Social Psychology and then on to a working life which has always been about helping people. 

I worked for a large blue chip retail company as an HR Manager for 5 years and then moved on to HR Consultancy and Recruitment where I worked with 3 different companies.  Alongside some of these jobs I also ran my own reflexology business whilst bringing up our two children.


I found great satisfaction in all of my roles and I did feel happy but I soon realised there was another factor to consider which was finding meaning in what I was doing.  So, when the balance moved from helping people, to putting daily and annual targets as a priority long term my contentment changed. Working on number crunching rather than being people focused wasn’t for me. I had given my energy wholeheartedly but I was ready to put my skills to use in a different working environment that helped me meet my need to be content and find meaning in what I was doing.   So, Meaningful Recruitment was born - this is a place where I feel meaningful in what I do and I would love to help you find the right balance in what you do, so you feel fulfilment in your work life too.

My Story:-
Work with me

Dreams can become reality and your path to contributing in a working environment that helps you flourish and makes you feel enriched is possible. 


You might be :-

  •  a mother or father wanting to return to work after a career break having had children and feeling like your priorities have changed.


  • Escaping the City work life, reassessing and needing help choosing which path to take now.


  • finishing your education and dreaming big ideas but not sure which direction to go in.


  • retired and would like to connect with others to use your wealth of experience and knowledge you have gained over the years.


  • re-evaluating work options having been made redundant and need reminding that you have so much to offer and that there are exciting opportunities open to you.


  • a few years in to a career and not feeling you have found your niche. 


Whichever route you have travelled to get to this webpage today, I would love to work with you to help you find purpose in your work life.

Together at Meaningful Recruitment, we'll explore your journey so far and discover how you'd like to 'feel and what you can do' to be fulfilled in your work life.  We'll create an action plan which may coincide with a role or voluntary group that I am working with or you'll be given guidance on how to find what is right for you e.g how to connect with helpful networks of likeminded people, organisations or perhaps even further education on relevant courses. 

Each person is different so there is no set route.  I can help you identify your options and paths through the various packages I offer.  


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