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The Image & Career Re-Boot Course

Learn how to find your career mojo & reinvent your personal style
during this 6 week course starting January 2024.

What’s involved?

The Image & Career Re-Boot Course is a part-time practical programme that will help you connect back to the person you are today. 


You'll discover career direction, create an image that reflects how you feel on the inside and you'll take action for yourself that will open up new opportunities. It is designed to give you:

*    NEW TOOLS    *    CONFIDENCE    *    A CLEAR PLAN   *   SUPPORT    *

new tools & ideas

We'll equip you with new  tools and knowledge to help you navigate your way through this time of change and in the direction of where you want to be, the kind of people you want to work with and how you want to look. 


You'll receive advice on your CV,  LinkedIn profile or interview technique to help you on your career journey. 


You'll be supported along the Explore & Discover package to help you identify what kind of work will suit you using professional career tools & exercises all tailored to you. 

You’ll receive an in-depth and bespoke colour, shape and style personality analysis. 


You'll  experience a full day wardrobe edit and personal shopping experience.


You will gain confidence:-


  • to take control of your career, 

  • to take immediate steps in the direction you want to go in so you move from 'thinking' to 'doing',



  • with your image knowing that your wardrobe is full of colours, shapes and styles that compliment you and reflect your personality of who you are today.


  • to make future cloth​es purchases and decisions with ease knowing what's in your capsule wardrobe and you'll be inspired with new ideas of how to wear your favourite clothes in new and exciting ways.

So, after all of this you'll feel turbo boosted with confidence in your career direction and new image that reflects 'you'.   You'll be ready for the new and exciting chapter in your life! 

A clear plan

You will have a clearer idea of:


  • your value,

  • what you stand for,

  • and how best to present yourself in the market today.


You'll also receive a clear action plan that will help you make deliberate choices for yourself with some action that you can take with immediate effect.

You'll be clear on how to plan your outfits and use your wardrobe on a daily and seasonal basis.  The colour, shape and style personality analysis will help you plan future purchases with confidence.


You'll be supported by Lynne & Katie


your fellow course friends  which is so important. 


We know that making a change alone is hard. But with:


  • like-minded peers,

  • strong leaders

  • and your new network


you’ll receive support and guidance to help you start to make real changes and maintain the momentum.


We'll celebrate together every step of the way.

Meet The Team


Katie Redfern 

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Katie Redfern is the founder of Meaningful Recruitment.  She's a career adviser, recruitment consultant and professional coach. Katie has helped empower people to make a positive impact in the workplace and to discover their purpose. She supports and provides her clients with the tools and resources for personal growth so they grow in confidence in their own abilities.  You'll find when you work with Katie on her courses or on a one to one basis that she fully connects to her customers, understanding their needs and aspirations.  She then boosts them using clever tools and techniques to make immediate changes taking them in new career directions.  Katie then matches individual talent with organisations that need and want the skills, passion and energy.
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Lynne Meek

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Lynne Meek of Styling Matters is a Kent based personal stylist and image consultant. Over the years she has worked with many hundreds of men and women, and has helped them achieve a personal style that is consistent with their own unique set of values, characteristics and lifestyles.  In the Style & Career Re-Boot session she will be exploring and developing with each attendee their personal style and image.  This will be an inspiring and empowering process and you will come away with a strong focus to help you make some great and lasting impressions in both your work and social lives.

Where will you be at the end of this course?

At the end of this experience:-

  • you will feel full of confidence,

  • you will have reconnected with what really makes you feel alive,

  • you will feel fully in tune with yourself and your aspirations will feel realistic and totally achievable ,

  • you'll find yourself encountering new ideas and concepts and making the most of opportunities that perhaps seem impossible right now but are totally achievable.


This is a practical course delivered over a 6 week programme with time together as a group at the beginning, middle and end.  The consultations will be a mixture of one to one sessions either face to face, online (depending on logistics) or on the high street,  all designed to help you find your career mojo and reinvent your image on your own terms.


When you've completed the course:

You will have gained the confidence to take control of your career and know the direction you are aiming for.

You will have had a huge boost of personal satisfaction having done a wardrobe edit and been on a personal shopping experience.  A sense of empowerment and comfort will follow as you will have got to know the styles, shapes and colours that suit you.

You will have learnt new tools and techniques to get to know yourself better for who you are today and use these tools to help you navigating your way in your work or wardrobe planning.

You will have a new support network of allies to help you on your new path.

You will have a clearer idea of what your values and boundaries are, what's important to you and those close to you so that when you come across new opportunities you can ensure they are in line with these crucial factors.

You will have got to know yourself better in more ways than you can imagine.


The Image &  Career Re-Boot Package

Starting January 2024


All attendees will meet for 3 hours (6-9pm*) at a central location in Tunbridge Wells in the UK with Lynne and Katie to celebrate the start of the journey and hear a talk about Image and Self Belief.



You will take part in:


-The Explore and Discover Career Package. 

This involves two one hour long sessions which are on a one to one basis with Katie from Meaningful Recruitment. 


This is a powerful and transformational package designed to help you work out what you want out of your work life and the options that are open to you to help make your dreams a reality.  It will also help you identify the working environment you will flourish in and you'll start to get ideas of the kind of organisations that will be able to provide this. 


These sessions can be done face to face or online at a variety of times during the day or occasional evening appointment.

During the two Explore & Discover sessions, you will be using professional career tools and exercises all tailored to you to help you along the path of feeling fulfilled and working with purpose. You’ll also receive an action plan to keep you on track and boost you in the direction you want to go.




-You will also receive a one hour 1:1 session with Katie to focus on one of these three areas including: your CV, LinkedIn Profile or Interview Technique to keep you on track.  

Each course attendee will receive 3 hours of individual 1:1 career consultations and a minimum of 4 hours of behind the scene support from Katie with tool analysis and much more.


You will spend a full day consisting of 7 hours with Lynne from Styling Matters which will include:-

- A wardrobe edit in your home

- An in depth analysis to identify the styles, shapes and colours that are perfect for you

- A personal shopping experience in Tunbridge Wells  (NB, purchases made by course attendees are not included in the course fee) .


All attendees will have the opportunity to share the journey so far at a Coffee & Catch Up Session* half way through the course for circa 2 hours.  Any questions or queries will be answered and successes celebrated! 


At the end of the re-boot we will bring everyone together (date and time to be confirmed) in Tunbridge Wells* to share the journey and spur each other on.

*NB: Date and Location to be confirmed once Course Attendees have enrolled.  The course is designed to fit around family life and full time employment.

How much does it cost?

To join the Image & Career Re-Boot course costs


Our course fee is payable upfront.

No payments will be requested until your application has been received and you’ve chatted with a member of our team.

Your fee includes:

20 Hours over 6 weeks consisting of:-


individual time with Katie and Lynne as they guide you through the Career Re-boot and Image Re-Boot experience (see above for more details).


group time with other course attendees at the launch, coffee and catch up get together plus the celebration at the end.

Online support with exclusive membership access to Katie's webinars.

Regular support with Katie and Lynne via email and phone.

Access to helpful documentation from Katie to help with CVs, LinkedIn and Interview Technique.

This course is for you if:-

*You are fully committed to making changes in this new chapter of your life.

*You want to redefine your style and get direction on your career options.

*You want to join a group of people who are feeling the same as you and ready for a transformation.

*You want to find fulfilment in the work you do and discover your passion for work again.

*You are open minded and ready to press the re-boot button and get stuck in.

*You are ready to see the value in yourself and know the investment will help you reap so many rewards.

*You are ready to be brave and summon up some courage to make a few changes in your life because you want to feel happy.


This course is not for you if:-

*You find it hard to stop your ego from allowing you to achieve your dreams.

*You aren’t prepared to put in the thought and effort needed during the one to one sessions – this is

your journey not someone else’s.

*You are inflexible and don’t want to listen to expert advice.

*You have a defeatist outlook on life.

*You feel comfortable in your comfort zone and have no desire to make any changes.


A few words from our clients:

"Thank you for all your support and help over the last few months Katie- you've been a star. I'm so grateful and can't wait to start my new role this year!”

"I had forgotten until now that it's so important to invest time in myself and to stop and reassess more regularly. The job that suited me a while ago really doesn't work for me now and you've helped me work out what does.”

"I had a deep knowing of the job I wanted to do but I kept it buried and thought it wasn't possible - Katie uncovered this aspiration that I hadn't shared with anyone and has helped me make it a reality. She uses her intuition and many skills to help make the 'impossible' feel achievable.”

“I’m shouting out a stylist friend @styling_matters who has helped me enormously by doing a wardrobe edit and in-depth colour consultation – she is brilliant and has saved me £££ as I don’t make costly mistakes anymore – thanks Lynne you’re amazing – go follow her on Instagram – I love seeing what she wears every day”

“You are the best teacher – I’ve learnt so much in the years you’ve been my personal stylist. It’s saved me a fortune, and a lot of time and stress too. Now my wardrobe is super organised, life is much easier. I look better, plus I have discovered my inner rock chick and I love that! It’s been a lot of fun along the way too. Thank you Lynne. Love you for empowering women everywhere”


We hope we've answered all of your questions and that you'll join this new adventure.

If you have any further questions get in touch by emailing us at:

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